Frequently Asked Questions

** We are a "Certified Lake Service Provider"!

*** We do not require a signed contract.
Frequently Asked Questions

What type of decking? Cedar.
Do we make any and all sizes? Yes!
Do you repair docks - both steel frame as well as crib? Yes!
Can you put a dock at my site (rocks, sand, etc.)? We have not found a property that will not work for a dock yet and so it's very likely that your property will work just fine!
Can you make a roll-out dock (dock on wheels)? Yes, we are able to make docks with wheels, providing that your property will be accessible for a roll-out dock!
What lakes do you service? We service Vermilion, Pelican, Elbow and would consider many other area lakes - just call and ask!
Where are you located? We are located on the Cook end of Lake Vermilion near the Wakemup Campground!
What other services do you do? We do almost any service involving the lake -- brush removal of islands, repairs, deliveries, docks, and boat lifts. If you need something done, just please give us a call and we can discuss your situation and we will probably be able to help you!
When do you start pulling docks out for Winter? We start October 1 of each year.
Do you provide dockside service for boats? YES!!
What other websites do you reccommend? Try
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