Boat Lifts

Pier Pleasure Boat Lifts.
Boat Lifts

Call us for your new boat lift needs. We have several companies that we work with to get competitive rates and will also deliver and set new boat lifts for customers. We do repairs on boat lifts as well - such as replacing cables that are worn or broken.
For example, Pier Pleasure is one of the highest quality lifts on the market today, with several features that make it stand out above most others.
  • Pier Pleasure 4000# lift has 66" lift height which is 18" more than a comparable model in the Shorestation brand.
  • Pier Pleasure has 100% stainless steel cables as well as brass fasteners.
  • Pier Pleasure 4000# lift comes standard with 4 - 36" legs, 16" longer than the comparable Shorestation model.
  • Pier Pleasure 4000# lift has 124" platform length
  • Check out to see for yourself the differences and outstanding features.
We are the only local Pier Pleasure dealer in the area!
Pier Pleasure makes an extremely high quality boat lift.
Check out their web site HERE!
Then give us a call and we'll install one for you!!

We also sell Floe as well as Pier Pleasure boat lifts.

Floe boat lift and a new Manick Dock
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